What a week

We have had a very emotional week.
Two new cows are at home at Strömgarden 1884. Nora and Rubi moved in with us on Sunday and Tuesday and have already turned our little bull Bobo’s head. Of course they are two absolute beauties. Welcome, you ladies!
Unfortunately, the trailer we borrowed was not ideal for transporting the first cow. So we had to find a replacement in order to transport the bull and the second cow safely. A big thank you here to Erik and Lars from Tulina Gård for their quick, professional and friendly help! We hope we can continue to work with you.

This week we also slaughtered our first animals. We took the pigs to Görvik Lantbruk. There they were professionally processed into fine meat. Many thanks for the good work.

We took our handsome grey bull to Rafna Slakt. Tobbe from the slaughterhouse noticed that it was not easy for us on the emotional part. We were all the happier when we saw how well the animals had it there until the end and how great Tobbe not only takes care of the animals but also of us humans. It will never be easy for us to give an animal away. But if we do, it will be to you. Thank you for doing such a great job! We look forward to picking up the meat on 12 September.

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