• What a week

    We have had a very emotional week.
    Two new cows are at home at Strömgarden 1884. Nora and Rubi moved in with us on Sunday and Tuesday and have already turned our little bull Bobo’s head. Of course they are two absolute beauties. Welcome, you ladies!
    Unfortunately, the trailer we borrowed was not ideal for transporting the first cow. So we had to find a replacement in order to transport the bull and the second cow safely. A big thank you here to Erik and Lars from Tulina Gård for their quick, professional and friendly help! We hope we can continue to work with you.

    This week we also slaughtered our first animals. We took the pigs to Görvik Lantbruk. There they were professionally processed into fine meat. Many thanks for the good work.

    We took our handsome grey bull to Rafna Slakt. Tobbe from the slaughterhouse noticed that it was not easy for us on the emotional part. We were all the happier when we saw how well the animals had it there until the end and how great Tobbe not only takes care of the animals but also of us humans. It will never be easy for us to give an animal away. But if we do, it will be to you. Thank you for doing such a great job! We look forward to picking up the meat on 12 September.

  • Our first honey

    Our bees were busy! So, we were able to harvest about 18kg honey att our first year. Soon you can buy it from us. We are very happy!

  • Our first midsommar…

    … what a wonderful experience! We were invited by two wonderful neighboring families, who we actually see more as friends. We enjoyed traditional food, sang (well, listen, as our singing talent is limited), laughed a lot, chatted in Swedish (as good as possible) and just felt great. We are just as happy as we could be! And just in time for midsommar, the summer temperatures have also arrived up here in the north. A dip in the lake to cool off works wonders. Of course, we also helped to clean the bathing area again.

  • We are full…

    …at least for the moment. A colony of bees moved into Strömgarden 1884. Soon we will even be able to make an offshoot of it. Together with the mother cows, the chicken and our dog lady Shila, they form the permanent animal residents of our farm. We are currently looking for another mother cow and a breeding bull. We are excited to see when this growth can be found

  • The first offspring

    With the pigs, the first 6 piglets saw the light of day after only 48 hours. As for the cows, we were able to welcome the first calf at Strömgården farm today. Welcome little heartthrob.

  • Our farm animals are finally here!

    Finally! Our new farmanimals are here. We are more than happy to show
    you our new animals. You will find more pictures in the gallery.

  • The first farm animals are here

    We got fertilized eggs from an organic farmer in the village. We had them in the incubator for 21 days. Since yesterday 4 chicken have hatched within 24 hours. Will the other 14 make it too? We keep our fingers crossed and enjoy watching this little wonder of nature again and again.

  • The first Stuga can be rented

    Done! All new furniture, mattresses, bed linen and towels are available and our «röd stuga» can be rented immediately. Who do you think will be the first tenant? We are excited and look forward to our guests.

  • Northern Lights natural phenomenon

    What an experience! Today, January 14th, 2022, we were allowed to see the Northern Lights for the first time. We are excited!

  • We were accepted

    What a joy! After we found out on November 2nd that we had received the residence permit for 5 years on October 29th, 2021, we continued with the express train. After we had made the residence card and registered with the Skatteverket, we were already allowed to fish the personal number out of the mailbox on December 3rd. What luck! Now we can still do all the important things in the old year and then really get going in 2022.

  • We have arrived

    On October 1st, 2021 we received the keys to our new home. A little over a week later, the furniture was delivered by Fries Transporte from Zug. Besides the fact that we can finally sleep in our own bed again, we really enjoyed the company of the great team! Thanks again for everything.