About us

That’s us

Back in Switzerland Urs used to work as an electrician and Patricia as a teacher and as clerk. For a long time we dreamt of having a big garden and a little farm with animals. Here in Sweden, we have the chance, to finally live this dream. Our goal is, to be able to make our living with renting out the two stugor and manage our farm.

That’s how we live


Our senior dog Shila also migrated with us. She got 13 on the 22nd of January 2022. In the cold winter she acutally needs a jacket as well as some paw protection for going outside. Sometimes she thinks, that’s just annoying. So, at the moment she prefers to stay in the house. While she sits on the back of the sofa and looks out of the window, she enjoys the warmth coming out of the heaters underneath the windows.

Wir heizen mit Holz
We heat with wood

That means, we have central heating with hot water. However, to heat the water we have to make a fire in the kettle so that the radiators can spread the warmth in the house. For the first year we had to buy the wood we needed. We already used quite a lot, but as a backup we are also able to heat with electricity.

We grope our way

The gras on our property has not been cut for at least three years. Our first work was to cut the grass and put it away as good as possible from our future pastureland. This kind of work was completely new for us. An experienced farmer might have to smile about our method. However, our motto is: Learning by doing. And as team there is almost nothing, we are not able to do. And of course, there is always something to laugh about together as well.

Just help yourself

In the meantime, we cut our wood ourselves. We already have the wood we need for the next year. However, our goal is, to cut as much wood as we need for 3 years. Will we reach this goal? Urs really is an allrounder. He renovated our bathroom completely by himself, is hairdresser as well as carpenter, farmer, plumber, heating installer and much more.

Quality of life

Of course, we are not willing to miss enjoyment. We are actually addicted to cinnamon rolls. Patricia loves to bake them as well as making her own bread and to try out many different new recipes. However, there is still enough time to enjoy photography as well as hand lettering and sewing.